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Great understanding of the world we live in

By Beatrice McCarthy

This is the first book I have read by John Hussey, I look forward to reading more of them.

Very understandable and as all physics goes fascinating. The author has kept much of the mathematics and abstracts to a minimum, using instead concrete examples that help us understand the concepts presented. There is even some humour, odd in a book such as this, but welcome. He leads up to Newton and Einstein to then set the scene for the concept of String / M theory. We have often heard it said that Einstein was wrong on any number of issues depending on the bent of the commentator. The classical physics of Newton, and Einstein's Special / General Relativity have not been proven wrong, they simply were not right enough. This book is a thoroughly good read, informative and entertaining, something rarely found in the usual dry science book.


He is able to give just the right amount of information, which make it easily understandable. I couldn't put this book down! He makes a dry subject come to life. His deft explanations of Post- Einstein discoveries made me look at the world in a new light for some time after finishing. The illustrations were like reading a movie, not to mention all those includes. I am an port without a strong background in physics, but after reading this book I almost felt inspired to study it!


More than moderately detailed because it has to be to explain everything, and may require repeated readings, but ultimately very clear and easy to understand. I was amazed because it answered all the concerns and questions that I had from reading older books on the same subjects.


For someone who is fascinated by the Cosmos but has little formal education in this area, this is a lovely book. John Hussey is a clear, insightful writer. His prose is dense in that each word is carefully selected. There is no fluff yet his writing brings great clarity to a complex area of science. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about this subject but who is not a scientist. The best part about this book is the easy to understand concepts that are brought out by the author. I had to put the book down every once and awhile to ponder the wonderful understanding of the universe that John talked about. I believe it made me more religious in a sense that the universe and humans were made for each other. At least that is one of my takes from this wonderful book.



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