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Eloquent and comprehensible to the layman...


By Joseph Donnelly

I tried reading Einstein's own book on Relativity. He was definitely not a writer. I've also read other books on the subject that were better than his, but, nothing compares to this. The metaphors, analogies, and examples are clear and relative to our time and personal experience. He covers the past century of progress in particle physics, relativity, cosmology, and string theory.


If you are interested in the history of the Cosmos expressed in a clear, concise manner this book is a candidate. First and foremost this book has given me the best understanding of string theory that I have had. I also clarified my grasp of Einstein's relativity - especially the concept that one's moving at near light-speed will slow time. I don't get along with math above the algebra level, so this all-verbal approach to explaining current theoretical physics is critical for me.


These are the basics of current quantum understandings meant to satisfy a laypersons need. There are unanswered questions that exist for the layperson and the career physicist both.. being better at math does not solve all problems. Hussey is very expert at laying down the right tone between what can be explained and what remains elusive about our understanding of the universe.


This is the best book I've read on the subject so far. As a layperson I have been dipping in and out of books about Quantum Physics for over 25 years. I find Hussey to be brilliant at explaining mind-bending concepts by using relatively simple frameworks and well placed humour. I am forever indebted to him for helping me to understand the finer points of special relativity. This book is a must read for both the curious 'dipper' and the serious student.



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